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Isobel Rogers - new Chief Executive at Customer Experience Foundation

It's my honour to announce Isobel Rogers at my successor as CEO of CXFO.Org.

Isobel has distinguished herself during the last few years growing the influence of the foundation globally and is more than ready for the challenge. She has a new vision of the future I am excited to support. Isobel will make a full statement over the coming few days about the next few years when she will be talking about the changes and her vision.

Why now?

We need new leadership. My original vision for the foundation when we started was that of a group of trusted experts who are the best in their field and with expert relationships in more than 20 countries across everything from AI to emotion our inner circle has collaborated on extraordinary projects. We have worked for the world’s largest organisations and we have influenced many daily experiences.

But that vision is now out of date and I recognise it. I built a monument of excellence to protect those who came to us from charlatans and trickster of which there are far too many. Over the last 10 years, although I am proud of what we have done, it is not enough.

I now accept that best practice is being written by those who turn up and shout loudest for those who are prepared to ignore observation as the basis for science.

The gap between what the foundation uses in CX science, and what the so-called professionals and evangelists do today is so wide I have come to recognise that low cost, high value education in the real sciences of customer experience must be the priority.

People don't understand the basic sciences of experience either technical or behavioural and have set professional standards so low as to be embarrassing.

Awareness - We are a group of the world’s leading experts and we are launching a recognition scheme and providing more support for organisations who work within the CXFO family.

Membership - We are going to create our own low-cost membership programme which is aimed at helping fund customer experiences projects in local communities. This is underway in several countries already and I will be talking about that programme soon.

Branches - This will support the set up on CXFO communities around the globe. Although we have a branch in the Maldives already working on this year’s conference after last year’s great success - we must do more to support the others trying to build communities all over the world. I am pleased to say that the London Branch is opening and there will be details later.

Education - We are going to build more high-quality training experiences and I am pleased to announce that the London School of Customer Experience (led by me) is now opening and taking bookings for evening courses. Courses will be low cost and open to all. This is a community college. I always wanted to build a school and this project also helps a local community centre as well as upholding our values. As the father on TBM (Thought Based Maths) I am challenging every academic globally to engage rigorous review of customer experience.

Certification - This will also include the certification and expert programme. We currently recognise at least 20 professors who teach CX properly even though the education system is slowing down education. There are hundreds of designers builders behaviouralists Contact Centre people and others who we recognise as CXFO. We are now going to create an accreditation programme to recognise these real pioneers. To ensure that the programme is completely fair there will be no licence costs for this programme. You will not simply be able to buy the title that somebody else has earned.

Communities - The foundation will encourage the development of specialist groups looking at different types of experience. I hope we will see groups supporting different cultures and lifestyles....I have already started reaching out to people to help get those groups going but please do contact me through LinkedIn or the CXFO.Org website to get involved.

We are going to work over the next few weeks to set out our 2020 vision for programmes for each of our key focuses....but if you would like to get involved please do let me know.

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