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Sitel & Waitrose Emotion Audit - The road to Paris

We have made some big claims for emotion-score but could we back them up?

The challenge from SITEL and Waitrose?

Could we measure emotion for a major client without interfering with the day to day operation and produce a speech and report in 5 weeks at the prestigious SITEL European Customer Day in Paris in front of a packed house of their largest clients?

The e-score team said “yes!”

The SITEL Team said “Let’s go for it”

………..and the E-Score Team set up a temporary E-Score Sensor post and started listening some calls

Why calls? We can use any data but calls are quick.

To give an global brand like Waitrose something they can use would take a few days, and that meant we didn’t want to waste any time messing about with data structures or security. Waitrose operate in one of the most competitive markets and are recognised as a global leader not just in category but in customer experience. Sitel are considered to be one of the leaders many fields from outsourcing to AI tools.


The quickest source for the test was agents in the voice channel although the process was the same. We set up a sensor* but we only used conversation tools and some basic AI. We listened to 20 calls using Emotion Quality Assurance Conversation Analysis processes.

Plus they were working with CEB on reducing customer effort and emotional effort is easier to detect in contact centre voice :)!


"this case study on customer emotion helped so we can create the in store experience over the phone.......We also found how we can help improve the way advisors interpret customer emotion and behaviour"

Find out what else they said and why it worked and how we got on in Paris by reading the full case study

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