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The London School of Customer Experience

I am really pleased to announce that the London School of Customer Experience, Camden Lock, NW1 is now open for evening and day classes in September. Classes in all aspects of CX from Journey Mapping to working with AI will be available.

We are based in The Pirate Castle in Camden Town providing a venue for those interested in improving their skills while helping to support and develop The Pirate Castle that provides important community projects and should be allowed do more with support from the School.

There will only be 90 seats at any given evening for whatever course you study and each school session will start with an interview with any guest lecturers in that night with the average price of £26.00 for a 3 hour course on the most popular subjects. They will be on a first come first service basis.

Latest News

Course Nights - September 2018

7pm - 10pm

6th 10th 13th

In journey mapping you map real experiences and then add emotion to them.

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You pick an experience out of a hat and your team has to create it. At the end of the time your group presents your experience to the whole school and then vote for the winner!

Both these courses are £26 Are you willing to spend the price of a meal out to have a new experience?

Learn something new and meet other people from customer experience, contact centre, marketing, digital, service etc. with a passion for learning from the London Area and extend your network as well as your skills!.

Test your skills against others in the London CX.

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