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Conversation Analysis v Sentiment Analysis v Speech Analytics in Emotion Science - A very short guid

Some folks have contacted me recently to ask why I keep talking about Conversation Analysis while so many others are talking about Speech and Sentiment Analytics. Some people seem confused about the difference and how come all of the really "big" players are talking about speech rather than conversation.

Here is a really short guide!

Speech Analytics looks at words and recognises them and gives them scores. Conversation Analysis looks at conversations and then does the same.

There are lots of systems that now are able to convert the spoken word into data from phone calls (and of course web chats etc.) so you can start to build a digital picture of what has been said. This science has been around for a while and you have experienced it through Alexa, Siri and the rest. Speech Analysis can be combined with AI to build a picture of the words used and give them scores.

Sentiment Analytics can do the same thing but from Social Media or other digital channel feeds but in many ways it is like speech analysis it counts the good and bad words or sentences and then provides the scores. Both these systems can produce a report that provides insight into what's happened in a customer interaction.

Both provide data that is useful in gaining an insight

Conversation Analytics is about understanding the full experience (conversation) from the beginning to the end of an interaction and then understanding the change in emotions of the customer. It is looking at how conversation works and provides an insight into what is actually going on, and therefore what is actually happening.

It is the next level of understanding that sits on top of speech and sentiment analysis tools providing an experience level insight into what is happening rather than what words were used.

A child might say "Look.....he used a very bad word" but an adult would say "I want to understand why you are so upset".

Conversation analysis is the adult and that's why we are focused on it. It has grown up from Speech and Sentiment analysis and asks the question "what is going on in this conversation?" It helps to identify the emotions involved and how to change them across the Omnichannel space.

Conversation Analysis provides significantly more actionable insight that can change outcomes live if used properly. It is the next step in the evolution of customer insight.

If you want to understand more about conversation analysis why not have a conversation with us at CXFO.ORG

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