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How to emotionally score VOC Voice of the Customer and Sentiments

​VOC is a vital part of any communication strategy because sometimes I want to tell you what I think and if you allow me that opportunity, and I feel that my voice has been heard, then you have improved our relationship and got me (your customer) to act as your free quality monitor and ideas guy.....this as they say is a good bet!

I frequently used to lecture that if you get out of their way your customers will build you a better business model with better products and services that they will pay more for because its what they want.

VOC has one challenge - there is so much information how do you get the most from it, tactically and strategically? Most companies can get good value from the actionable insights tactically but managing them as a part of a strategic dashboard has been an issue.

However it is easy to convert this data into emotional states that are positive or negative and question by what degree it is important to customers. By simply placing the statements in a standard emotional grid you can join it up with sentiments from social media. It allows you to convert those into an excel model that can also include words like satisfaction engagement etc.

You can therefore convert your customers words into a single data type and a single dashboard.

Next you can connect those same data model to issues and values and all of this can be connected to your friendly AI who now has an additional framework to understand the words and phases of customers in the same way staff do. Business systems and people talking the same language as customers....what a mad dreamer I am!

The next stage of the evolution of customer insight will be the single emotional data model based on the medically used model because it works. The organisational requirements are that we know emotions drive our decisions and values but across a broader range of factors and we need a simpler approach - we call that e-score.

E-Score is an easy way to describe customer emotions to both people and machines.

It is designed to make sense to everyone and, every system so it can provide a standard way to understand any emotional state or feeling. Satisfaction, Loyalty Engagement, Effort are just some of the feelings and emotional outcomes that businesses measure today.

Being able to understand all of these and other emotions in a consistent way, and more importantly, to share that understanding across an organisation is now vital.

E-Score follows medical best practice and diagnoses your emotional condition based on actual norms and measurement. The difference between disillusionment and disappointment is important but not to the organisation when looking at how to deal with it. The question is……are you acting upon this feeling and to what degree? These are the medically important factors and they are the commercially important ones too.

Simply something is active or passive and if it is active then to what degree? We simply place all emotional experiences within that framework.

Thinking about feelings as a way to describe outcomes is a practical step in digital transformation - it helps to connect all the disparate metrics together into something your can explain easily.

That is the business case by the way. Think about all the time wasted by your organisation not talking about feelings and emotional outcomes effectively and then think how much you could save if you all understood the same simple answer to the how angry is the customer?

You don't really need much more than a spreadsheet, a scale (like the one at the top) and some VOC.....have a go! You are not buying anything just trying a simple data exercise.

You will start a revolution in understanding

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