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Emotional Word traps - are you satisfied?

*emotion-score is based on known emotional states and easy to understand questions asked in specially engineered experiences in the best way possible.

On a scale of 1 – 10…how satisfied are you that you have not painted yourself into a corner and fallen into word traps ?

Satisfaction is a good metric because it targets the actual feeling of the event

There is never a perfect time and a perfect question, so it's important not to create verbal traps that create poor responses…. This is about "More Than".

Satisfaction is gathered through

Spoken word

Social action

Digital behaviour

Contact data

It is directly relates to one of the most common keystone habits we complete many times a day. It asks the question – am I ok with this?

Its strengths and weaknesses must be balanced by appropriate choice of additional metrics, scoring systems, and words

For every behavioural insight and data feed you can connect you increase the value of your data by multiple rather than %

Take a look at this question

But there is a problem it does not allow for the more than state. I might be more than satisfied or more than dissatisfied.

It is easy to paint yourself into a corner and exclude the common sense meaning of a question.

There are many words that have a ”more than” condition. You can ensure that you build your scale so that it clear to users.

Trust, Like, and other powerful words have a more than condition. By engineering your questions and the way in which you ask them you can improve your customer relationship. Surely it makes sense to collect data and improve the customer experience at the same time.

Make sure that you allow for your customers to answer questions in the way that they want.

Extra Content

Words Matter

You need to watch the video and consider what questions you ask after this. Of course I am not suggesting that you can come to grips with the work of the Loughborough team in a single video but you should be studying each word in every sentence with as much care.

BTW - if you re serious about improving your approach you should hire people who understand this stuff or train it in. You also need to look at the other behavioural issues where currently you do not have the right level of resources.

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