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Measuring emotions the second step - You are right but I don't care!

This is the second part of Measuring Customer Emotions

In my last blog I showed you how to build a crude emotional model using a simple visual template. If you missed it or want a recap you can click here. Based on some of the questions I got, (thank you all) I want to be absolutely clear with you that without step one there are no other steps.

Warning - It is vital to have a working model of normal emotional states or any results you get are just tainted. You cannot assess how far things have changed - if you don't have a model of normal then you can't have a model of change. Think back to basic science classes and you will get the idea.

Ok enough - lets get onto the second step in you learning how to measure emotions. Our objective this time is to understand the emotional states a little better so we can take information about customer behaviour and turn it into something useful.

There are 11 emotional states in the emotion score model and we can start by breaking them down into some of the easier concepts.

On some levels emotions are just this simple in emotion scoring because an emotion is either driving a decision or not.

But emotions are more complicated than that so you also need to understand that somethings are a matter of degrees. Emotions are also measured by degrees. Somethings are true or false but sometimes that is not important. Importance” and “intensity” are thought of by degrees.

Emotion contains the “How much?” question. How much? the question that defines importance! How much do you love me or dislike cheesecake? How important is my personal data and privacy….is all about degrees. If you think back to the simple colour word charts I showed you, the sense and insight, came as much from where a word was on the map as the word itself.

Another way to think about those 11 states is as a set of impacts.

0 – A Zero state

1 - Happy or sad or don’t care - it has no impact..

2 - Very happy or sad – it might have an impact

3 - Happy or sad to the point where it impacts today

4 - Happy or sad to the point where it impacts more than today

5 - Happy or sad to the point where I am no longer in control of the now

So, things are true or false and that might matter or not and emotions are quantum. But don't let that scare you.

It's just like riding a bike or swimming it sound more complex than it is. It's just about listening in a different way.

Just observe at a series of situations in your life, or work and score them. Decide which are zeros and which are 3 or 4 or whatever. Listen to conversations and you will find the same. You will find that the science doesn't matter....because you now can describe emotions on a scale of 0 - 5 easily and in a way any one can understand. As you look at different things in your life through those 6 states you will find that it becomes easy to think about emotions in a different way

Next time we will look at behaviour of the first group of customers in "Don't know - Don't Care"

Be well and keep those comments coming


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