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How are you at reading my emotions?

If you want to get an accurate read of emotions you need to start from a model of how customers are before they meet you!

I call it the HAY model. Saying “hello, how are you?” is at the start of every social interaction. It is the declaration of our emotional state. We all do it, all the we understand it!

It is a keystone habit of behaviour which means we all understand it really well. We can build a crude model of how are you? Because if we can do that, then we can build a crude model of anything!

We need the HAY model because then we can try to describe the way the customer feels at the time they contact you so you can emotionally prepare colleagues to deal with customers......and of course how they felt afterwards.

Organisations need a simple way of discussing our feelings and emotions - why do they struggle so much with describing emotions?

Do they make understanding customers too complicated?

Can they learn from the way we behave in our families, workplaces and social networks?

If I am planning a funeral or a wedding the emotional support required is very different. Using a HAY model I can collect what people say in conversation and start to build a simple picture of emotional states. I am simply reflecting the way we think about emotion.

I can then enter that in a simple spreadsheet using a ok centred scale and suddenly I have a customer emotion model - in about 5 minutes. Measuring emotions isn't that different to measuring other things. If you start from a point of observation that is reliable your results will be more likely reliable as well.

We now have a model of HAY so what if we asked the same question at various stages of the customer journey. That simple emotion model now gives you a view of your CX and now have a way to emotionally express you customer journey.

You can see more about why How are You? is a golden question at

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