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Try Conversation Analysis in your contact centre with 25 calls and it will blow your mind!

We are launching a simple conversation analysis tester so you can try it easily with just 25 calls and an online training programme

Contact Centres are about "managing conversations". Conversations are the richest form of actionable insight and they are the most available source to Contact Centre Managers and Trainers. But very few have SME staff trained in Conversation Emotion Analysis.

Why is CA (Conversation Analysis) so different?

Most insight tools we use are system born. We could create them from systems. So we have turned what we can do with systems into what we can learn from systems into science. Sentiment Analysis, Speech Analytics, Post Call Surveys Social media aggregation etc and what they mean has been created because we could do it technically....and they have helped.

CA is about understanding the conversations you are actually having now - with your customers!

Conversation is designed to be understood and is very advanced.

The detailed patterns that make up the way we communicate. Why 0.7 of a second means no and how to change a word to change the outcome.

They are a series of patterns in which we tend to behave.

With the arrival of accessible AI we have been able to start to unlock conversational patterns in a way that wasn't possible before.

We have created a revolutionary approach to applying 40 years of behavioural science on conversation analysis. Conversations can produce more than 1000 conversational analysis clues per minute and we break these down into priorities. Of course not minutes are interesting! Silence is just silence (- even that tells you a lot), but what is interesting is that we can extract hours worth of empirical data from every second of every minute.

We focus on the patterns of conversations which happen at the micro moment level....the tiny micro projects that make up a conversation. We then turn that into a list of things you can do. Changing words sentences & sequences to make them more effective.

We want you to try 25 calls and so you can easily see if it might be of value to you

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