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VoC 2.0 - We look at BoC (Behaviour of Customer)

7% of customer communication is through spoken words - I came across something interesting about the Voice of the Customer strategy that I want to share.

Sometimes the behaviour of the customer is as clear as the voice of the customer so the same rules should apply to both. I think we can all agree that this customer is clearly expressing herself. When people ignore your emails or don't click on your offers and don't respond to your surveys. When people hang up in your IVR or abandon their shopping baskets this is also VOC and BoC.

So should you have different rules for Voice and Behaviour or should they be treated as part of the same experience. They are clearly both covered by the same emotional model....but they are siloed in most organisations.

Most VOC professionals I have spoken to over the last few months about this say that in their organisation Behaviours and Voice are not connected through a single emotional model and therefore a single approach.

If we really want to give the Customer an omni-channel experience we really need to start from a single approach to the relationship. We all know that the majority of communication is non verbal so why do we ignore that by creating siloed.

Don't forget you can learn the fundamentals of managing customer emotions (on-line at low cost) here

Or you can keep on doing what your doing

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