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Beyond NPS - Why not just ask better questions?

Today we are launching


Training so I thought I would write about it. Our first product is the short course How are you?

Part 1 is called How Are You?

There are 4 parts:

Understand how we think about emotions

Convert emotions to words

Convert emotions to numbers

Build our first Emotion Dashboard

Watch the Movie

Download the slides and templates

Join the Forum

and a money back guarantee!

Its a simple approach to managing the emotional part of customer relationships.

Anyway......You can learn how to measure Customer Emotions based on proven Behavioural Science through our website.

​Measuring Customer Emotion

This is a six part on-line course covering:

  1. Basic principals of measuring emotions

  2. Asking emotionally designed questions

  3. Scoring emotions and calibrating them

  4. Measuring Emotion in your customer Journey

  5. Connecting scores to your other metrics

  6. Running a project

Each part comprises videos and slides. You can then join a discussion group. It's a practical how to guide with downloadable content to get your project going.

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