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Guide for Contact Centre Mangers

Overview -

Contact Centre Call Listening  

Using emotions to measure Quality across all channels

We help you have scientifically better conversations that impact real ROI’s that continuously improve


We listen for emotional signals

We identify problems that have a real impact on ROI and we use conversational analysis behaviour, psychology and AI

We convert the experience into an emotional model

We identify best and worst practice

We design improvements based on behaviour, habits etc. in positive experiences

Then we help you deliver them using modified LEAN


Over the last few years a group of practitioners, academics and thought leaders across 20+ countries and cultures have been building a new universal approach to understanding emotions and then using them more effectively within contact centres.


The result is a simple to use system to create actionable insight and change!

  1. A clear picture of the emotional arc of your best and worst practice. This is not theoretical it simply expands your QA process to include additional criteria that are relevant to your organisation and this process only!

  2. A true calibration of the Best and Worst Practice because the system is designed to work the way we think – so it will continuously balance to what is the normal in that experience. It is like a marine compass - It remains accurate because of its mathematical centre and it floats!

  3. A simpler way of thinking and talking about customer and employee emotions so they are actionable - resulting in a better and more efficient approach to emotions!

  4. A more effective way to understand effort, satisfaction recommendation and other feelings/emotions/thoughts and emotions in a consistent way across channels

  5. A methodology compatible with all business project methodologies


1Build initial emotional profile of experience or CJM

2. Install e-score ROI metrics

3. Listens to calls and pre – post activity

4. Refine and score data using experts and AI

5. Team review

6. Refine and score model & data (2)

7. Develop output/ action plan

1 .Improvement against metrics

2 .Best and worst practice Model

3. Recommended Priorities

4. Channel Comparison

5. Quick wins

6. Maturity Score

7. Key Metrics

8. Project recommendation and plan

9. Distribute to stakeholders and support

8. Build Best and Worst practice loop & habit programme with trainers and QA

9. Test and roll out

10. ROI Delivered (measured through agreed metrics)

11. Start again!

Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 13.24.27.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 22.44.40.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 10.15.53.png
Screenshot 2018-11-11 at 17.48.40.png
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