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What will I do?

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

So I am really excited about the future of the Foundation BUT

let's talk about me!!!

I am not planning a holiday. This is me bursting with innovation.

Most organisations have great tools but aren't using them as well as they could. I am going to design and deliver small improvement programmes based around building a few quality habits. Noticing what works and what doesn't and turning that into a cultural loop around common conversations.

Micro Continuous Improvement Programmes

They could technically be called self replicating culture change through building habits of improvement and they can be replicated time and again over very large and diverse populations. These improvements focus on outcome and comparison of what worked and what didn't in simple language.

But in plain words we change 5 minutes a day and that can change everything.

Simple observational science to change processes cultural issues the use of technology every day.

I am going to build clever MCIP ( that can be applied to improve any process or experience. From a phone call to a technology transformation, the hardest thing (for any new way of working or innovation) to gain traction with the users is momentum.

I am going to build momentum loops into a daily 5 minute habit of 4 questions types:

What worked?

What didn't?

What can I improve?

What should I not do again?

So if you have an issue maybe I can help you fix small stuff.

My mottos remain:

Bad news is not like wine - it doesn't improve with age

Get out of the way of your customers and staff and they will build you a better business

Fix the experience of change and things will change

Experience is a science - learn some

Better experiences make money

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