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Taking a breath - Endorphins

Today's little suggestion is about breathing. It's really simple to breathe in such a way as to help improve your health. This is another little 5 minute way of being nice to you.

Each days tip is about something that will make you feel a little do look back over the last few days. You may not have heard of mindful breathing so this is for you. This is about breathing in and out slowly. I know it sounds silly but JUST by doing this for a few minutes will reduce stress release good chemicals into your blood and that will help your immune system. Each one of my daily tips is about ways in which you can help yourself and those around you in the months ahead.

OK so here we go.

1 Breathe in slowly taking a count of 4 to do so.

2 Hold your breath for a count of 4

3 Breathe out slowly taking a count of 4

4 Start again

There are many versions of this in different cultures. Exercise, meditation, mindful breathing, powerlifting and prayer all sort of work in the same way. It's about controlling your breath while thinking about something else until both are in sync. So you can use a mantra or a nursery rhyme a song a prayer or joke. Just breathe consciously for a few minutes every day and it will help a little.

Are you the sort of person who would be willing to spend 5 minutes to try?

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