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Staying in touch - in a good way!

Yesterday I talked about how being nice to someone can make you feel good. I really hope that you tried that and it helped you. Try it again today.

Today I want to talk about staying in touch with family and friends. The news is constantly frightening for most people -what we hear is has an impact on conversations so it is easy to stay in touch and make things worse.

By simply being caught in a pattern of talking about the days news and how are you both feeling it is easy to end up creating a bad new habit of making both of you feel a little worse.

Here are 3 simple tricks for creating a better habit. Have a structure to your conversations.

First - talk about how you both are and exchange news.

Second - talk about what is going on and your feelings. It is good to be honest and to be heard honestly.

Third - find a common subject that makes you both laugh. It doesn't matter what amuses you but there is always something funny that 2 people can agree on when they work at it. Find that funny thread and end your conversation with that.

If you make this simple approach your common way of communicating you are both empowering and strengthen each others resolve in a better habit that will help you in the days ahead.

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