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SSyncPro (Simultaneous Synchronized Processing) What????

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Just over 2 weeks from now in Kuala Lumpur, I will run a workshop experience for financial institutions on Simultaneous Synchronized Processing!

I know you are thinking "no idea what he is talking about"

This is the Target Operating Model for organisations now!

This is what our workshop is about. It is about AI ML and RPA convergence, and how to design your organisation around it. Not in 5 years, this is where market leaders are today.

What is SSyncPro? It is now possible to have an almost infinite amount of simultaneous, synchronised processing of a single item of data. What this means in simple terms isn't easy to explain but here we go!

Imagine please that you have a patient and that an expert in every subject of health and welfare were looking at the patient at the same time. Only on a cellular level.....and some experts are just experts at understanding the experts. All of them working together at the same time - I would say for the good of the patient but after nearly 50 years in big business & government I know better.

A single bit of data is being reviewed by as many systems as you have

Reviewed, by many bits of specially engineered Intelligent routines from spending patterns, viewing habits, social networks and our phycological profiles, through to the carbon footprint, staffing, resource scheduling, performance, prediction, orchestration and cost.

We haven't even talked about cloud-based security or digital culture.

How do you operate in this brave new world that you don't understand? - that is simple. You start to draw a map. I am going to show the delegates 6 really important elements of AI/ML/RPA that do different things.

As the delegates have this experience they will play and learn with the 6 technologies, and they will start to organise their impact into a new model that is relevant to their role in their organisations - and if you can do those 6 then you are on your way to your plan!

They will start to map the key elements of their organisation impacted by these demonstrations as the first step in their model of new thinking.

I used to teach people how to do customer journey maps - proper ones with feelings, complexity etc, now I guess we should call it intelligent intervention mapping or something better.

Come join me and a few very clever chums and have an experience with:

Intelligent security

Behavioural Analysis

Social patterns

Supply chains

Continuous improvement

Predictive Analysis

I have a simple mantra - what can I show you that you can use tomorrow?

This one is special!!

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