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CX have changed so should customer insight?

CX Professionals - Here is a simple competence test if you work in a large organisation.....has your customer experience changed? If your answer is no, then stop reading now - you have just failed.

So we agree that CX has changed. But how has it changed and what should we change in customer insight? How can we change this into a real opportunity?

What has changed?

Everything but let's come up with a shortlist of manageable items that we can focus on in customer insight.

  1. The value of your product or service to customers

  2. How and when it gets delivered

  3. The feeling when buying

  4. The feeling when using

  5. The employee experience

  6. The general feelings of your customer

  7. The lives of your customers

This is neither an exhaustive list nor a particularly detailed one. However, it does give you some idea into what has changed in customer relationships. It is, therefore, time to start recalibrating feelings expectations and therefore your insight systems need a complete rework to have some relevance to what is going on for your organisation.

To keep this short when you are being bombarded with massive amounts of rubbish from "experts" let's just consider this. You need questions that help you calibrate what is going on and therefore what the current normal is for you.

For today think about that and let's chat about some questions that may help you understand the situation tomorrow....stay safe and stay at home!

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