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COVID-19 Customer Experience Foundation Briefing 1

The following advisory goes out to CXFO members students and friends or anyone who wants it and was created 12th March 2020 by the Customer Experience Foundation from a UK perspective. A whole series of trade shows have been cancelled, sporting events and travel is being impacted. For the majority of Europeans, there will be a significant impact on behaviour over the next 6 months.

1 - You now have a fiduciary duty to take every step to prevent impact on your customers and other stakeholders. That duty will lead to some compliance risks that will be new and need to be adjusted for.

2 - You will need to have some resources assigned over the next few days - You need to be working this issue now not in a week. This is like a major service outage drill only it's not a drill. People are dying.

3 - You need to map out a consensus-based expression of how you (as an organisation) feel and a clear communication strategy that will help reduce the emotional impacts of the unknown and the ill-informed on your organisation.

4 - Some of the changes in behaviour you now face will be long term and beneficial but not all.

5 - People are going to be more emotional. If they are smart they will feel a little fearful and apprehensive - you should too! It is up to you as an organisation to lead by example and set the right tone. This will be difficult as most organisations have the emotional awareness of pre-teens.

The bottom line if you haven't had a COVID - 19 digital meeting yet and cancelled as much travel as possible and increased hygiene, then you are behind the curve.

More detailed and considered advice will be released

message timed UK 09:00 local time

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