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A Chat about CX Efficiency

Efficient CX is rather like anything else really. If it is aero-dynamic, like a boat plane or car smother with no lumps or bumps, it will cost less to operate and it will respond quickly to the touch of the operators. Fast lean efficient lower cost / higher value.

Problems you can fix with bots SMS Apps, etc., allow your people to focus on the actual conversation the customer is having with you. Because they are. It doesn't matter if it's Facebook or the phone, a chatbot or the web. They are talking to you whatever the channel. This common-sense tactic is to treat all of your communication as something you must organise into clusters of information you need in the conversation you are having.

So you need a universal channel approach to your infrastructure. Too much data, not enough insight is a common problem. Don't be embarrassed embrace it. I have been blinded by the data. So now I must focus on the important.

  1. What do I really need to know to do my job?

  2. What clusters of information do I need instant access to?

  3. How can I use AI and CI Algorithms to help martial and organise this information and connect it meaningfully reporting gaps and systems?

  4. What does good look like in terms of insight NOT Information for every role and how can you delivery it?

RRI (Role Required Insight)

You need a digital security net from one of the best that meets your current situation and channels. But you also need a process to design the required insight for every role. Where some Technology Architects don't go far enough today is into this question of: "What is important for "me" to understand and to enjoy my role. "Me" so I can do my job. tell me something useful to help me bond.

Hybrid Operation

You are moving now into the design and delivery of Hybrid Operation. You know shall I close my office but then I can't see my work friends, but wow look at our success cheques are because we saved all that money?

This change is driven by reductions in lockdown protocols means a major change in the needs for and role of technology - again! You will have to deliver more flexibility, through more channels and more insight and less data as close to real-time as you can get.....and one more thing you will still have to manage it.

Don't Panic

OK, it is tough but here are some simple things to think about.

Look at key roles and provide a single view of the actual information required

Provide an all you can eat buffet approach to connectivity and consumption

Add some fast-moving transformation teams to support your internal customers.

Add some Informed Randon Clusters to your data sets. (Given the complexity of that last statement take it away and think about it later)

Finally, concentration on the continuous change as our way of life needs to be built across every team as part of the culture. With technology, we can fix most thing now but we need to make sure that we are being asked to deliver the right experiences to customers and other stakeholders. That right now in this moment of massive change as we face hybrid working seems to be a key focus.

Every day is a school day for all of us

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