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CXFO New Courses Customer Journey Mapping with Emotions

We are starting 2 training courses on 1st May on Customer Journey Mapping with Emotions.

Over the last year I have completely changed our approach to customer journey mapping using new tools and techniques. So I created a new course which gives you everything you need to now to start building Customer Journey Maps with Emotion. It comes in 9 parts.

1 Principals - The key terms of CX and CJM and the definition of important principals

2 Stakeholders - Identifying stakeholders is now the easy part. Getting them to engage and to be part of the development of your CJM is a critical success factor.

3 Telling the Story - Building a storyboard is a vital part of any CJM because of its role in connecting experience and process.

4 Customer Emotional Personas - Defining Customer Persona and how to create personas for emotional states

5 Moments of Truth - What are the key steps in the customers journey and how do they move from channel to channel

6 Mapping Tools - What are the key tools you use in mapping your customer experience

7 Understanding Value - The key principles of Value are broken down into 5 key groups which are at the heart of every emotional decision we make

8 Customer Emotions - How to measure and manage customer emotions

9 Doing it - Doing a journey mapping project tutorial to build a checklist

The courses will be on the brand new platform and chief designer Mitch Beisley will be showing us some tricks on how to use the platform.

To find out more about all of our training options including our free training for intern places check out our home page or just click below

For those who prefer a more personal approach to training there is a 1 day masterclass on a floating classroom in London in June, one in Venice, in October and the Maldives in December.

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