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Customer Journey Mapping with emotions

Fundamentals / Advanced  


This is course designed to bring you up to date with the latest best practice, and the coolest tools.

The course comes in 10 parts - 9 plus an exam.

Note - The exam is only available in the Advanced Course

The key terms of CX and CJM and the definition of important principals


Identifying stakeholders is now the easy part. Getting them to engage and to be part of the development of your CJM is a critical success factor


Building a storyboard is a vital part of any CJM because of its role in connecting experience and process

Telling the story

Defining Customer Persona and how to create personas for emotional states

Customer Personas

The key principles of Value are broken down into 5 key groups which are at the heart of every emotional decision we make

Understanding value
Platforms and tools

What are the key steps in the customers journey and how do they move from channel to channel


Moments of Truth

How to measure and manage customer emotions

Customer Emotion

What are the key tools you use in mapping your customer experience

Mapping Tools

Doing a journey mapping project 

tutorial to build a checklist 

Doing it

Tools and platforms

Journey Mapping and storyboarding
Lectures and training
LEAN Tools
There are limited numbers of places in every group
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