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Contact Centre* Emotion Speech Analysis QA Services  

Are you willing to start saving up your emotional currency?

Contact Centre Call Listening - What do I get?

Easy to use

Training Available

Calibrated to your organisation and your process

Looks at indicators relevant to you

Identifies your best and worst practice

Highly Actionable Insight

Single view of all insight based on business impact

Changes you can measure

Emotion Speech Analytic QA agents supplied or trained

Hourly/Daily/Weekly update on improvements

Emotion Profile for each journey and service
Supported by the Emotional Support Team experts and systems such as AI 

Live QA feed and provide e-scoring services booked by the hour or by the FTE as a remote resource on a pay as you go basis to suit your needs

The agents are trained to use a standard set of emotion metrics tailored to your business needs and your brand values a clear picture of worst and best practice. You can integrate these with any other dashboard or reporting technology.  

Improve your performance by becoming more emotionally efficient in your transactions

The cost per hour/day or FTE is fully loaded including reporting and analytic support within reason.

Other project resources available on the same terms

*and other channels  

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How e-score works

How e-score helped sitel and Waitrose

The 7 step process

Ask for a 30 minute demo

Agent AI Desktop
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