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How does it work?

If you want to understand the Universal Model Click here.


There is a bit of set up work to be done. The emotional context for your CX will be unique to you. 

During the calibration we are listening and analysing best and worst practice in your experiences so improvements can be actioned quickly. Every calibration provides actionable insights! It is an emotion audit!


You own your emotional profile and calibration model and can immediately use it to investigate and identify problems in your customer journeys, channels, complaints and your verbatim. 


Emotional DNA

We use a standard set of emotional outcome values to listen to the customer conversations and refine the information to create your organisations unique emotional profile - your unique DNA. This finds the best and worst practice so you can improve consistency and develop better experiences. 

Emotional Outcomes

Have you ever walked out of a shop thinking..."I am never coming here again!" but you don't say anything or had a moment when you were so happy you could have cried. Most people have experienced these feelings but in an infinite number of experiences. Understanding these emotional states is what we as humans do easily....that's why the system works. Click here

You will learn about your emotional currency and how to value it!

This service identifies the emotional experience of customers and staff alike and we help with that too!

We can compare your VOC to check on social channels and integrate all other metrics.

But set up for any proof of concept is easy and then you have a fully costed flexible Emotion QA resource on pay as you go are you willing to find out more?

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