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Conversation is the richest and most available source of insight that we have that actually changes outcomes

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Are you willing to test 25 phone calls?

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25 Calls What do you get?

Every 3 minutes of conversation can produce many types of insights.

We analyse 25 recordings for 14 conversational traits and then convert it into actionable insight in a report.

We tell you what we see

Produces a report of 5 of the top conversation issues with actionable impacts that will improve ROI

Calculates Conversational Efficiency

Up to 50 areas of improvement in people process and technology

Takes 5 man days to deliver

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250 calls (single)

we tell you how to fix things

  1. List of 5 Top Recommendations/Conversation Improvements

  2. Report of main results

    1. Conclusions & Suggestions Presentation

      1. People

      2. Process

      3. Technology

      4. Experience

      5. Efficiency

      6. Training

      7. Emotions

      8. Effort, NPS, CSAT

    2. Spreadsheets of results

  3. Detailed breakdown of each conversation

  4. Overall Efficiency rating

  5. Template to measure success for recommendations 

  6. How to guide

Free Demo

What about a quick free demo with 5 calls?. Just let us listen to 5 calls and show you the difference

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Regular Review - Full Service

Monthly 500 - 1m Calls (Recordings or Live)

Complete integration of AI into Client business tools and customer channels

Customised reporting across the organisation


Full technical support

Flexible Pricing

Project Management support 

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