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Important - All feelings depend on importance as well as strength


This when I just hate YOU


This is 

Wrong Bad Unhappy Dissatisfied Displeased Disengaged Uninvolved Hard horrible terrible pathetic predictable sick perverted wrong perverted distasteful unacceptable

This is a devil you have to deal with. This is the crap in the IVR messaging about me being important or that the answer I seek is on the website. Can I tell you please that the 20 minutes I have spent listening to the same message when I am phoning to say the website is broken is not making me FEEL SPECIAL!

Got one in mind?

This is about shouting at people, litigation the unfair treatment of people and the abuse of my trust and my data. It is common for a social media storm about failing to meet core values that creates more than states (Facebook, United, Starbuck and the rest European Tax  etc. etc.) 

But the are moments! 

Active Customers

Theoretically your largest active group

Theoretically your largest group with highest probability of positive outcome from intervention – biggest bang per buck in short term activities and largest cost.

Easier to interact with - 3s are active  therefore more open to change

More interactive and likely to offer their opinion, both offline and online.

Will take action without prompting but will be stimulated by events or contact. The other 2 active states are more explosive

3 > 4

I know

I Care or both!


The largest actively communicating group of customers for most brands


Active support for 3’s although initially they may not appear to need it.

Adjust you statistical model - – elicited views are not representative of whole base in any way. They are a good insight to process

Build ways to engage more

Identify risk areas in the customer journey, to avoid any decline. May need to move from passive to active during customer journeys Reduce unnecessary contact.


Might engage in ‘customer work or sabotage’ - good or bad.


They are firm in their opinion to the extent of it being reasonable because it is important

Engaged in a quieter way and less keen to make this visible

Normally a larger group than 4 and 5 . 

+ Will do customer work* around much larger peaks of engagement and around organisations social engagement

- 3s will be strongly negative is they have made their decision about you. However if converted likely to become a +4


This state has higher risks of change and higher impacts when the change occurs.


The 3/4 state is likely to be both unstable and higher inherent risks of volatile active states

Financial.  Higher Risks and rewards



An organisations ability to organise the resource to meet this higher stakes situation is reputational risk

States present a level of ‘cognitive dissonance’.

Competitors targeting, to identify dissatisfaction and try to win over.

Can slip down scale or churn if an offer doesn’t meet their expectation.


+ spend money and create brand momentum They will tolerate occasional lapses of service or poor CX because of the higher stakes in relationship


- 3/4s will expect a consistently poor CX and create additional cost in all contact situations

Your first step with a -4 will be to manage the mood at the HAY* stage

Trust is a key element of these states.

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