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Important - All feelings depend on importance as well as strength

Part of the group


Don’t Know

Don’t Care or both!


The largest group of customers for most brands

This is the group that decides the financial health of most organisations


This is when there maybe an extremely low emotional engagement and the actual experience is the defining factor in a decision.


This group have a dissociative relationship with your organisation* where CX alone can change outcome

A large proportion of your customers decision is made in circumstances when customers don’t care


Overall Passive or indifferent to your brand

+ Think you are OK at what you do but don’t really care about it.

- Think you are slightly worse than OK but not enough to move



MOST CUSTOMERS….are in this group for most products and services

They really don’t care enough to engage

Statistically the largest group  of customers for most organisations

Hard to gain participation except as part of a bigger exercise.

Don’t answer surveys or talk your brand.

OK = Zero

This is also the resting stake in the calibration of all other states and has other unique properties that are not explained in this page



Competitors targeting, to identify dissatisfaction or lack of engagement through offers

Can slip down scale or churn if an offer doesn’t meet their expectation.

Low engagement – Low loyalty



Requires active marketing to maintain a steady state, to prevent a negative slide and churn.

If you want to engage with them you have to bring something more than “I want to ask you questions” to an experience.

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