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TOO LATE - Loss of control

More than

Happy satisfied pleased engaged involved easy fun exciting powerful surprised memorable slick cool hot amazed

This is a moment of passion that changes your life...we all have them.

The birth of a child a first love, a car the sound of goal.....moments that are more than.


But they are only moments! 

Got one in mind?

Important - All feelings depend on importance as well as strength



Both states present a level of ‘cognitive dissonance’.

High level of empathy required to manage either extreme

The risk and impact of losing a +5 is significantly higher. However, the output of customer work possible in this state is very powerful and attractive to people in more passive states.

The negative state inherently carries the risk of a social media nightmare, because in general people are empathetic and will respond to active distress.



The effort and empathy required to alter a -5 may be too great/costly.

-5s can be turned around, sometimes with startlingly positive results.

A heightened state of awareness and an ability to react quickly to changes in state should be considered vital

Characteristics/ Behaviours



A heightened state of love or hate with everything that entails

A 5 emotional state is one that is now actively being driven by that feeling to exclusion of common sense.

Customers may move to -5 or +5 but cannot sustain this.

An unstable transitional state.

+5s are ‘passionate advocates’: -5s are ‘passionate antagonists’. Both states are characterised as highly active and temporarily consuming. This is the triumph of emotion over logic and can be demonstrated through laughter and tears.

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