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  • A day in the life
    Its the summer of 2020 and the CIO starts to think about the year ahead
  • What do I get from this?
    The most significant facts about the stuff that is important now or will be by 2021 in your business or not. The ability to dive deaper. We give you acess to the research that we think will most influence your decisions and change your working practices over the next 2 years. Stuff you can use to lunch discussions
  • Introduction
    This experience is designed to brief you on the things that are most likely to change the way the business will think about the role of IT .....and how IT will have to rethink its role! ​ Based on interviews with Retailers, Experts, and the analysis of current trends and reports this is how the Customer Experience Foundation sees the IT conversation will change over the next 18 months - 2 years.
  • Change
    The second word is ........Change There is more change now to every aspect of retail from supply chain to retail ecconomics than at any time in recent history.. That means your business has to become a change engine. What does "more and change" mean for the role of IT. When so much change is digital and user driven, and we think about doing "more with less" To move forward click
  • More of everything
    The first word on the Agenda has to be.... More Applications Touchpoints IOT Data (by factors not per centages) Information & Insights Connections (internal and external) Clouds (internal and external) Use of ML/AI Interaction Innovation Complexity Security and Compliance Risks For the Retail CIO this word is a key peice of the puzzle.
  • How does this experience work?
    There are a series of pages that give you information. Each page will have a summary and other media and links You just click
  • Research Methodology
    50 Interviews and Discussions 500 man hours of research and analysis Heated discussion with some of the most extraordinary people in all disciplines of Experience science. Doctors Professors Leading practitioners front line and IT. Of course sales, marketing etc. etc. HR, Behavioural science and welfare - We ask around a lot. Every part is based on more than one source and typically you can click on a fact check that will show you links to the various publications being sighted Our last Retail predictions success rate is very high
  • In the news
    “Pressure on retailers continues to mount and is seemingly coming from all angles: economic, geopolitical, environmental and behavioural. Consumer spend, is only likely to fall further as things stand, and cost efficiency remains vital. The focus for most in the industry will be preservation and adaptation in order to see them through these tough times.” Paul Martin, UK head of retail at KPMG, retailers-closing-stores-in-2019 Retail slow down
  • Entertain me
    Enter your answer here
  • Smart Displays
  • Wifi
    Yes! A culture of continuous "user driven reinvention through innovation" is also a marker of the successful retailer so delivering innovation as a service to the business and your consumers will be mission critical
  • Cameras
  • IOT Devices
  • Recent work
    Report & Workshop Sponsored by VMware and Intel Can I Trust You? - Defining your Trust Agenda workshop The Physics of Experience - E-score converts experience into algorithms. Successful processes to understand Customer Emotions and Empathy - Training Programme Conversation Analysis for Contact Centre Managers - Training Programme Fund Raising The Pirates Castle
  • Background
    I have been an independent advisor and consultant solving problems for the world’s largest organisations and I travel around the world as a public speaker and C-Level trainer. I have also been a contact centre tutor worked at every level of project management as well as designed or delivered innovations like a store of the future since the late 1970s. I have worked delivering innovation in behaviour and technology for over 40 years. From before the cloud, with CTI the IP telephony to latest video-based sleep therapy. From Systems of Human Organisation and Habit-Based Business Transformation to experience efficiency science. I have worked at the boundary between what we think is possible, and what we can make work reliably in budget and on time. From Telex to Behavioural Bias in AI or Machine Learning I held a number of senior roles in major organisations and been a leader in customer experience design, delivering 100+ technology and behavioural innovations. I founded and I am the Chairman of the Customer Experience Foundation, an independent global network turning science into solutions that impact peoples daily experience. I am also a Therapist working with Addictions and Phobias
  • Who am I?
    I am an Innovator, Experience Designer, Strategist, a Behavioural and Organisational Scientist and Experience Auditor for global organisations. I am also a Programme Director delivering transformation, and I get to travel the world as a public speaker. I work on all types of experiences for customers employees patients government departments and organisations. I also worked as a Therapist dealing with Fears Phobias Compulsions and Obsessions for more than 20 years
  • Latest Publication
    Sponsored by ​ The IT Strategy Agenda for Retail CIO's in 2021/2
  • What I do?
    Right now I run some digital training experience or If you need some advice, have a project, or some training for your senior team or front line staff - I do that sort of thing! I audit things like culture, experiences, operational efficiency and handle delicate issues. Just book a chat and see if I can help..... ​
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