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Creating emotional Capital

Our approach is designed to be easy to understand so if you read all the blogs carefully you can start an e-score project today just by starting to talk about emotions, as being s new way we want to see our relationships. Our framework is open to download and you can ask questions or join a forum. 


But you might want some help from the people who invented it and we are here.


We can solve a problem for you, answer a question for you, train you to do something or we can supply the service to you

Remote Call Listening

Trained emotion-score speech Analysis QA agents listen to your call centre calls or recordings and provide e-scoring services booked by the hour as a remote resource on a pay as you eat basis to suit your needs.

There is a set-up process that has to be paid for but that gives you an improvement report but then you pay a cost per hour or by FTE as required.

Emotional Audit

We offer a range of Emotion Audits Services from listening to the end to end Omni-channel emotion mapping to fit any need.  


We use the latest techniques in Conversation Analysis with access to the leading authorities on this.


Quick Investigations can be done in about 15 days for your social media app, website, store, or contact centre. 



We can add emotion to your journey mapping or your training.


We can help you to design improvements and test them. We can add emotional support to other projects.


We can provide leadership team with the support needed, to transform an organisation to become more emotionally efficient.

This ranges from Strategy through to SME support of the worlds leading experts when appropriate. 

Using emotions to drive transformation and measure its success is the challenge ahead and if you are willing to take that journey we can help you deliver. 

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