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Course Intro

If you are signing up for the next on line training group.


You learn how to build a

conversation converter

and then how to use it at work.

A conversation converter turns conversation and thoughts into emotional data and insights accurately

You are working on your own technology to build a simple set of tools processes and resources that you have by the end of the first day

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A conversation converter allows you to describe experience in the same way you can describe flight or gravity - using maths. Turning everyday conversation into financial data. It is a way of using normal conversational rules to understanding data by creating a context model used to score experience.

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You can take any sentence and describe it in context!   

Why is this useful

Because you can use it in reports feed your AI much more detail and context and cost. You can convert conversation into cost!

Open Source

You can just use the maths to figure it out for yourself it is free to use with open source descriptions

The lecture below sponsored by Britannic Technologies for their Summit is part of the pre course will be learning how to do this. 

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This course is just how you use the E-Score process to build experience context models that make much more accurate data. In short maths language this states that if you count descriptions of feelings in the same way you do protons using common language converted into quantum floating [ -5<0>+5 ] / Context model/R(Relative)/T(time) you have the physics equivalent of maths.

Technical Requirements for this course - You will need to have access to:




Whatsapp or other (on your mobile)


Some sites with free accounts like (open a free account you will learn how to use it)

If you have access to your own AI you can work on that or you can join the class in understanding the basics outcomes and how they help

You create a team in the way you would at work and then you start to work on the problem using linkin to communicate when needed

You are working in the real world so we are using our real tools

You are working in groups so if one of the delegates is not familiar in using a technology then the best of the class in the subject will help them. Your instructor will also add suggestions as he knows how do it already!

You connect with your group in the way you connect with everyone else....we provide guidelines.


Turn thoughts and conversation into very accurate actionable maths and then how to drive to delivery of change of daily habits

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