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"Experience Analysis will be one of the highest new area's of spend by 2023" 

Customer Emotions are a key part of measuring and managing conversations. In Contact Centres we talk about everything with customers staff and other stakeholders - understanding conversation is vital to improving value!

Are you willing to learn how to manage customer emotions and change conversations?

Are you willing to learn about the different tools and techniques available as well as how to use them?

Are you willing to learn?

how we think - pentel model
CERTIFICATION 2019 Athens group
Now Going Digital

Making more of the richest insight about Customers

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Experience Improvement Certification 

Level 1 - 4

1 - Emotions

2 - Conversations

3 - Habits

4 - Experiences

Academically and professionally recognised around the world.


Level 1 - Managing Customer Emotions Certificate

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Who is this course for

Contact Centre Managers

Team Leaders


Quality Assurance 

Customer Experience Professionals

Sales Professionals

Digital Professionals

HR Professionals

Trainers and LMS Managers

Insight Analysts and Managers

Business and Digital Transformation Professionals

Marketing Professionals

Finance Professionals

Contact Centre

Use your Customer Conversations to improve your business performance. Comparing good calls with bad calls as part of continuous improvement


Learn how to use produce thousands of data points from conversations to create measurable improvements 

Support Calls

Reduce the number of angry calls you have to deal with - calm down angry customers and turn them in to fans

Sales Calls

If you use your contact centre to produce revenue then improvement means revenue

What do you get?

A practical way to score emotions within your customer experiences

Work at your own pace

8 hours of tutorial materials

8 hours of assignments

The rest is up to you

Tools and lots of reference materials all linked together so you decide how much study you do

Each section marked by milestone assignments

Join digital conversations with experts and other students  

Tutorial support from the original designer of e-maths and top tutor

Mobile-Friendly Format


Guest Experts

A practical skill and Recognised Professional Qualification

Course Modules
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Module 1
Introduction to feelings
How do we think about things and what is a perfect 10? How do we think about our feelings and how do we talk about them.
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Module 4
Technology choices
We review all the different types of technology there are in the market and the different things they measure. From sound waves and surveys to sentiment analysis and clusters of AI. We provide you with the tools that you use to score conversations and then show you how to use them.
Emotional states.png
Module 2 
Active and passive emotions
There are 5 basic emotional states in the sense of outcomes. Something is either passive or active and if it active then how much so? You learn about the science of measuring feelings.
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Module 5
Changing outcomes and finding quick wins
Once you have the tools and the  training we work through examples to make sure that you can make the right decisions about improvements
Digital Courses.png
Module 3
Understanding Emotions and Feelings
Each type of feeling has a series of common characteristics. This module breaks down the detail of these characteristics. 
staying grounded.png
Module 6 
Continuous Improvement Plan
In the last module, you bring together all of the parts into a plan that provides the basis for your certification and list of things you can start doing tomorrow.

What did this group say

92% went on to Level 2 Qualification

Best course ever

it has been an inspiration

the first time we changed a call with agents it saved us thousands of Euros - brilliant and an ROI!!!!!

this really changed how we think about phone calls and customer experience

....this has changed the way we will think about patterns of conversations tomorrow

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