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Experience Analysis and Design 
Technology & Behavioural Science - PX, CX, EX
Transformation Strategy in an Omni-Channel world
Personal Therapy Design

For 35 years, we have been helping the world's largest organizations, service providers, and governments, understand relationships between citizens, customers, employees, and patients through the relationship between technology and behavioural science.


Our science-based approach optimizes technology and culture to either make or save you money or normally do both.


We specialize in connecting channels and technologies to improve experiences for customers, employees, and other stakeholders. Our workshops are tailored to meet the needs of your organization and create better habits of continuous improvement. We translate real science into measurable outcomes that can positively impact your bottom line using existing technology for global organizations.


Our expertise lies in engineering and auditing experiences and compliance.


We analyse and design moments, minutes, months, experiences, interactions, and relationships are all outcomes that can be influenced by our approach. We can help you learn about the real science of customer and employee metrics through our conversational chatbot and voice bot design services.


We also offer conversation and vulnerability analysis and AI, Digital Transformation, experience design and engineering, contact centre services, training, and workshops.

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Morris Pentel

Experience Engineer, Consultant Designer Founder of the

Customer Experience Foundation

Interim Crisis Manager


"One of the great pioneers of the customer and employee experience in the contact centre industry for nearly 4 decades."

CEO - A major BPO

"Morris is the only person I know who can nail jelly to a wall in a tough meeting"

Transformation Director - Global Financial Services

"Morris changed our understanding of our customers and increased our revenue and reduced our costs in 5 workings days"

Chief Executive - Global Retailer

Head of Transportation 


From before the earliest days of cloud-based contact centres, through omnichannel and digital to the latest innovations in conversation and emotions auditing metrics/operational analysis I have worked for the world’s largest organisations changing billions of experiences for customers and employees.


Now working on the future of hybrid experience with the single question that has guided him in Omni-channel Contact Centre operation, auditing, design, and strategy 


Asking Patients Employees Customers and Organisations:


"What can we start to improve today?"

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