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announces its starting field tests of 



CA Service

(Conversation Analysis)

for Contact Centres


We analyse your conversations using your call recordings using experts and AI and then provide you with your reports and data of actionable insight

Every minute of conversation can produce hundreds of actionable insights that are easy to fix and have an impact on the bottom line and we analyse it for you and give you the results. 


We use Emotions Maths to score conversations so the results are much more accurate.


You can use the results to feed into what you teach your frontline staff and managers on how to improve the small details that shorten calls and make them more profitable

BackgroundOver the last 40 years, Conversation Analysis has been one of the fastest growing and most effective behavioural science fields with thousands of proven new insights every year. 

This is a new product and is now starting product testing....if you would like to be a test subject read on


Maybe it's time to focus more on the real conversations you are having with your customers now

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Screenshot 2019-04-28 at 12.09.51.png
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Check out the Appetiser

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Screenshot 2019-05-02 at 17.33.24.png


You send us call recordings and we send you the conversation analysis reports

  1. You can try it with just 5-250 calls and look at the results

  2. Costs can be as low as £.50 on large volume live traffic 

From Strategy to Delivery

Helping you ....get out of the way your customers and colleagues so they will build you a better business model with better products and services that they will pay more for - because its what they want!

CXFO is a global network of Customer Experience experts and students, owners and customers.

Conversation Analysis

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Training and workshops for all levels of your organisation

Business Transformation

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